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La Foresta - Tropical Forestland Management Services

Forests and climate change: A convenient truth


This 17-minute video presentation, produced by FAO and the Forestry Commission of the United Kingdom, shows how much forests can contribute to the mitigation of climate change, stressing the importance of reversing forest loss. Forests store more carbon than all the world’s remaining oil stocks. Continuing deforestation and forest degradation account for almost one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – more than the entire global transport sector. The presentation explains how society can combat climate change by conserving and managing existing forests, by tackling causes of deforestation and by planting new forests. It stresses the use of wood as a renewable energy source and as a raw material, pointing out that wood products store carbon for their entire lifetime, until they decay or are burned. A section on adaptation notes how the world’s changing climate will affect the health and composition of forests and stresses the importance of adapting and planning ahead for the changes. With striking imagery and simple language, this informative presentation is suitable for classroom, conference hall and individual viewing by all who care about the future of the planet. A multilingual DVD is available including the presentation in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The presentation is also available in Italian.